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This  is a 3 months 1-to-1 program which will bring huge shifts in how you manage cash flow, the way you look at money, how you set your financial goals.
The program consists of 12 sessions over 12 weeks.


Topics and outcomes are:

1 & 2 - Finance Audit - Understanding the various categories of assets & liabilities, to start collating info to take stock of what you have.Ascertain current state of financial affairs. Determine Point A.

3 & 4 - Clarity & Goals  Setting - Obtain clarity of goals. Find your BIG why. Determine Point B.

5 & 6 - Values & Beliefs - Find out what is important to you. Identify and work on limiting money beliefs.

7 & 8 - Resources - Identify internal and external resources to use and leverage on. Brainstorm Streams of income. Utilizing the resources available.

9 & 10 - Action Plan - Gain macro (big-picture) understanding of goal. Fine-tune & internalization of goal.

11 - Solidifying the goal - Anchoring the goal in the future.

12 - Accountability - Setting up check-ins.

Sign up now to reap a lifetime of benefits as your mindset, behaviors and habits shift to reach your financial goals!

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