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Free from Worry

“This is Simple. This is Easy. This is Fun.” I learned this today, using these three simple phrases to reframe my mind. No matter how tired I am, how difficult it seems, how stuck I feel…this is simple, this is easy, this is fun. A useful mind-hack for all situations. Knowing this makes change easy. Practical tip for those who are taking the first step to be free from worrying the ‘What-Ifs of Life’: Automate your Savings. Set up standing instruction in your bank account, on Payday, to automatically transfer 10% (or X amount) of your salary to an inaccessible bank account (preferably one where you’ve cut up the ATM card). What you don’t see, you won’t spend it. You’ll be surprised at how eff

Wealth is a measure of a person’s ability to survive so many days forward!

Almost everyone wants to be wealthy… What is the definition of wealth? To some people, it’s becoming millionaire… To others, it could be looking forward to the day where they can finally be free from their job… According to Buckminister Fuller1 (affectionately called Bucky), wealth refers to… The number of days one can survive…when the income stops coming in. Today… Take some time to reflect how many days can you survive when your active income stops… Notice, I said ‘When’, not ‘If’… Be honest with yourself, there will come a day when the active income will stop… Could be due to retirement… Or retrenchment… Or by your own free will… Which one would you prefer? There are two ends of the equat