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The Big WHY

One of the key principles I’ve learned over the weekend is to find out the big WHY in your life. Why? Why do you go to work? Why do you save? Why do you spend on that fancy Jimmy Choos? Why do you choose to take Grab? Why do you do anything at all? Finding out the WHY is instrumental in ensuring you get anything done at all. If you want to succeed in anything at all, first find out the big WHY! Once you’re certain of the reason why you are doing whatever you want to do, then Take Action!

Facts of Debt

Ok, I’ve been just doing research (basically just googling) on the implications of debt, not that I need to do much research to know the dire consequences of debt. Just this past week, someone was telling me about the statistics – in recent years, one Singaporean gets into financial trouble every one hour; and one person commits suicide every day due to financial trouble. This is a very disturbing thought and further emphasizes my resolve to share and pass on the knowledge on how to manage finances and living a debt-free life. A lot of people talk about looking after themselves through meditations and positive affirmations. Whilst I fully believe in the effectiveness of these methods (I prac

Uniquely Me

There are moments in time where we despair. We may give up on ourselves. We may beat ourselves up. We may withdraw from our friends and family members. But remember one thing, each of us are unique and brilliant in our own ways. Each of us are wired differently. So, the way we view money…manage money…relationship with money…are all different, very different. This is the reason why there’s only one Warren Buffett. It’s the reason why you do not achieve the same results by attending workshops from ‘Gurus’. There is no one size fits all. It’s the reason why Expense Concierge exists…to tailor the program to your individual needs, situation and scenario.

Parents setting the right example

All children imitate their parents. Think about it, growing up, parents are usually the first and closest person to a child. The things a child say and do are often imitation of their parents. In finances, the best way to teach finance to a child is to set a good example. Automated savings, knowing where all your money is going, planning a budget and sticking to it, investing wisely are all clear ways to set good examples for your child. One simple but very important finance theory to teach a child, especially at their young age – the power of compound interest; how money saved now can grow exponentially. If this is the first time you’re reading about compound interest, it merely means the i