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Constant & Continuous Improvements

This past week had been a transformational week for me. Very proud to share I've successfully completed Master Practitioner (Level 2) of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), utilising it as my go-to tools and techniques for helping all my clients. I’ve learned so much from the trainer, Dr Heidi. For those who are interested to find out more, feel free to contact myself or go to http://nlpworldwide.com/. Ensuring continual improvement in our life is important, no matter how minute the improvement may be. Imagine continually improving a little bit every day, after a period of time, that cumulative change is going to be huge! The key here is not to look for one huge shift, instead make SMALL inc

Our Values

I was reminded of our personal values system today. What are values? Values are the principles and beliefs which are important to a person. Values govern every area of our lives, of course including and not limited to our favourite topic “Wealth”. Values are what determines our actions. And, to be congruent, our actions need to be aligned with our values. Thus, it’s important to know what are your Wealth values. In order to find out your values….ask yourself this question “What is important to me about….(in this case it’s wealth. You can use it on other areas like career, relationships etc as well).” Jot down the list as you answer the question. Then evaluate whether each value is currently


When I first started the blog, I made a commitment to write a blog Every Single Week. It all went quite well, except for last week. When I was slightly unwell, Sunday came and went without me remembering to write the blog! When I realized it, a lot of negative thoughts surfaced…. “See, you missed it!” “You’ve not kept the commitment you’ve made Again!” “Who cares? Who reads those blogs anyway!” But, one by one, the negative thoughts were beaten down and my determination to persist won over. So here, I am, continuing to add value to the readers. So, what changed? Has anything outwardly changed? None. Notice what happened were all in the mind. Similar to the beliefs on money…it’s all in the mi