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Fear of Lack

In the course of my work, I meet a lot of different people. Each with stories of their own Each with their unique set of beliefs, mindsets, behaviours Each with their stories, interpretations and version of truth There’s no right, no wrong Everything we believe to be true are versions of reality in our own world Some see money as the destination Some see money as the root of all evil Some see money as an accessory to success And some see money as an obstruction that leads to failure To me, money can be everything and nothing Money is essentially a medium of exchange That’s all there is to it Anything else is our own interpretation to it What is money to you?

Abundance Mindset

According to the book Law of Attraction by Michael Losier, “Abundance is a feeling. Be more deliberate to include the feeling of abundance in your current vibration – your Vibrational Bubble.” One simple way is to build a list of all the sources and resources where money and abundance can come from. Abundance can come in many forms, sunshine…happiness...fulfilment…love…treats from friends etc, raise your awareness of the sources of abundance in your life. “Remember, the Law of Attraction does not care whether you are remembering, pretending, celebrating, playing, creating, complaining or worrying. It simply responds to what’s in your Vibrational Bubble. So, find proof, rejoice and send out a

Be Authentic

Being Authentic had been on my mind past few days. It’s about living the life I want. It’s about being who I really am. It’s about doing the things I enjoy. It’s about knowing the WHY in doing the things that I do. No pretenses…No falsities…No masks. It’s about being true to myself, knowing that in taking care of my own needs, I’m not relying on others to meet them. Of course, I’m not perfect too, I’m still a work-in-progress in this journey called ‘Life’, there are times where I forget to do it, times where I don’t voice out my thoughts, times where I encountered setbacks and feel discouraged. But life goes on, and so must we. Being Authentic allow us to be ourselves, knowing how and why we

Number of Days # Survival Forward

If you were to stop working today, how many days can you last? Specifically, how many days/months can the funds in your bank account last? It’s a simple calculation of determining: Your net worth = How much you have in your bank accounts + liquid assets (Fixed deposits etc) Your expenses = How much do you spend every day/month Take (1) Your net worth divided by (2) Your expenses. How does the number look? Do you let out a sigh of relief, knowing you can last for some time? OR Do you heave a sigh of worry, suddenly realizing you don’t have much cash to fall back on? It’s a good reality check on your current financial situation. Take charge of your finances. Take charge of your life. You only