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Financial Agility

Definition Financial Agility “The ability of an individual to rapidly respond to change by adapting its initial configuration.” This is the key principle we advocate - Financial Agility. Financial Agility allows one to have the ability to respond rapidly to any changes by adapting itself to any situation. How does that work? It is setting up the structures and engines running such that the bills are automatically paid on time, no late fees and charges. There is no longer any need to monitor bill payment or make monthly internet transfer between banks. Savings are automatically transferred to a less frequently used account. Having sufficient emergency fund such that it’s able to cover all eme


Definition Courage /ˈkʌrɪdʒ/ noun “the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.” “strength in the face of pain or grief.” Have you encountered financial issues or queries and wished there was someone you can reach out to? When it comes to debt or personal/business finance issues, It takes great courage for one to face their issues. It takes great courage for one to acknowledge they need support. It also takes great courage for one to be open to another. It takes great courage to own it. It takes great courage to take action. I salute all who take ownership of it. I acknowledge all my clients for their courage. Kudos to those who have taken the first step. How about you?