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May 27, 2018

In the course of my work, I meet a lot of different people.

Each with stories of their own

Each with their unique set of beliefs, mindsets, behaviours

Each with their stories, interpretations and version of truth

There’s no right, no wrong

Everything we believe to be true a...

May 20, 2018

According to the book Law of Attraction by Michael Losier,

“Abundance is a feeling. Be more deliberate to include the feeling of abundance in your current vibration – your Vibrational Bubble.”

One simple way is to build a list of all the sources and resources where money...

May 13, 2018

Being Authentic had been on my mind past few days.

It’s about living the life I want.

It’s about being who I really am.

It’s about doing the things I enjoy.

It’s about knowing the WHY in doing the things that I do.

No pretenses…No falsities…No masks.

It’s about being true to...

May 6, 2018

If you were to stop working today, how many days can you last?

Specifically, how many days/months can the funds in your bank account last?

It’s a simple calculation of determining:

  1. Your net worth = How much you have in your bank accounts + liquid assets (Fixed deposit...

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