How To Achieve Your Financial Goals Easily Without Stress

Learn how ordinary Singaporeans are reaching their financial goals and attaining Financial Agility™ through Financial Coaching

Why Is Financial Agility™ Important?

It helps in Achieving..


Retirement Goals

Financial Goals

Lifestyle Goals

By managing your personal finances, you will be able achieve all the above. You realize that you do have extra cash that can give you the freedom to spend on things that matter - whether it is that dream holiday, increasing your quality of life or growing your retirement fund.

How Can We Help?


Expense Concierge provides personalized cash flow management solution to help busy professionals start or accelerate their journey towards their financial goal, so that they can be financially independent.

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Who Are We?

Rachel Khoo is the founder of Expense Concierge has over 20 years of experience in established banks such as Bank of America, UBS, Citibank, and Société Générale. She is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Rachel strongly believes the first step to financial freedom is financial responsibility. And the first step to financial responsibility is to get your expenses under control without negatively impacting your lifestyle.

Having obtained financial freedom, together with a massive wealth of insider knowledge on banking operations, an extensive network of contacts, together with many years of investment experience, she will help you navigate the ins and outs of local banking and decipher your cash flows with ease. Managing your personal finances will become a simple and fuss-free matter.


"Rachel helps me get clarity and confidence in my personal finances. She just takes my statements, and does the magic of making it clear whether I'm financially healthy or not. With that knowledge I can

make good business decisions and confidently give my family the lifestyle that makes me feel proud. I wished I met her years ago. I would have amassed wealth so much earlier."

- Perry Lai , Business Owner

"As expats with kids at schooling age in Singapore, we’ve seen our everyday expenses go up 40% over the last three years without an increase in income and reduction of expat allowances. The EC team helped us define our lifestyle goals for our time in Singapore and how we can achieve those goals. In Singapore we’ve come across many “Financial Advisors” who are in fact simply paid sale brokers for banks, insurance companies and wealth management firms. EC distinguishes themselves by not selling any financial products and being fully transparent in their business model. Their simple fee for service model works well for us as we know exactly what we get for what we pay for."

— Anonymous*

*Due to the personal nature of information, all clients are assured of complete confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement signed.

We don't sell you investment ideas. Our unconventional approach focuses on helping you recognise the nature of your cashflows, rethink about your priorities and bringing out the maximum efficiency from your existing financial resources. In that process, the improvement in your financial well-being is our biggest motivator.

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