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Money Beliefs

Breaking Beliefs

Everyone has beliefs, positive and negative ones. It is important to identify your beliefs when it comes to money… what limiting beliefs do you have?

Money is the root of all evil?

I have to work 24x7 to be rich?

I cannot save money?

I don’t deserve money?

I’m not good with money?

Money is scarce and not enough to go around?

It’s impossible to make lots of money?

Money cause stress?

I have to sell my soul to have money?

These are limiting beliefs that needs to be reframed, in doing so, it presents a different meaning and can thus change a person’s response. This broadens our viewpoint and gives us more flexibility and choices in our life.

We know you’re learning a lot here today. It’s important to learn.

If we help you, then you’ll learn this. The fact that you want to learn means you will. You’re seeing things differently now.

There is always more to learn. You can begin to get that change now.

Your demonstration of those new learnings and understandings showed your sense of wonder at the importance of all the work you’ve been doing in your life. And as you continue, don’t you now?

One can easily see, this is more or less the right time. And as you breathe in… and out…You can learn as quickly or as slowly as you want to now. Can you see what I’m saying?

You are the one who has won.

Act on It

What are the limiting beliefs about money you have and how can you reframe it to serve you better?

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