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Reality Box

Just had dinner with an ex-colleague and she made a passing remark that stuck with me:

“I don’t think you should come back to banking world, you’re learning and sharing so much more things now. I’m learning so much more things from you. Last time when you were in banking, you were so boring.”

That’s true, after being in banking industry for 20 years, and made the not-so-easy decision to leave banking, it had been a great learning journey for me and it still is.

It had greatly enlarged my Reality Box.

Experiencing that which I’ve never dreamed of before.

All of which started with me taking a leap of faith…even when I don’t know exactly where I will land.

In your life, be it financially or career or relationship or simply just life,

do you want to enlarge your Reality Box?

Do you want to look outside your familiar world and perhaps …

see things from a new perspective


experience a different state


hear the hard truth?

If that is you, I would greatly encourage you to talk to a new group of people, hang around people that you aspire to be, not people whom you are comfortable with, this is one of the fastest way you can grow.

Also, another way would be to come talk to us. We tell you the hard truth, no holds barred, providing a new perspective, or eliciting the desired state, or telling you the truth (with compassion).

Are you up for it? Click here.

At Expense Concierge, we challenge the status quo!

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