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Do you know…our clients can be completely anonymous to us?

We understand finance can be a very private, personal and confidential topic to some.

Therefore, we have a well-structured way of servicing clients who wish to remain anonymous.

Mr / Miss X only needs to submit one month of bank & credit card statements (with personal info blanked out).

For clients who do not require an evaluation of their current cash flow status, they do not need to submit these personal documents.

We will then arrange for an online zoom voice call. Mobile numbers are not required.

No other particulars are needed.

Anonymity & confidentiality are absolutely guaranteed.

By doing this, we hope to reach out to everyone who requires our services whilst respecting their need for confidentiality.

If any of your friends require our services, do connect us to them!

PS. Non Disclosure Agreements are still signed with all our known clients.

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