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Spending Plan

How does having a Spending Plan feel to you?

Do you feel empowered?

Do you see exciting possibilities?

Does it sound fun?

It signifies you taking the Power back into your hands, having a say in HOW you spend your money and WHAT you spend it on.

The fact that you are in a position to do up a Spending Plan shows that you have money to spend in the first place.

That is such a refreshing thought, isn’t it?

Take back Control over your money.

Direct your money where to go.

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the expenses.

Get creative and make a plan.

The plan will evolve along the way, but most importantly, start doing something about it today.

With focus and direction comes progress and improvement!

For support on how to make a spending plan, contact us for a free 30min online session. 😊

Psst: If you notice, spending plan in essence refers to a budget, but when you see it as a Spending Plan, oh, what a great difference it makes, the Power of REFRAMING our minds!

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