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My Story Part 2

I was once in credit card debt.

Huge credit card debt.

It came as a shock to me.

Simply cos I’ve heard of stories of people in debt but never thought it would apply to me.

When I first came out to work, and got my first credit card, I was proud of myself.

Finally, old enough and independent enough to own a card.

When the bill came few months later, my whole world froze.

I was in state of denial, that’s not me.

It couldn’t be me.

But the fact – the bill is in front of me.

It seemed like eternity but few hours later, I picked myself up.

Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise.

This incident prompted me to go to the library and I borrowed and read EVERY single finance / investment / savings / debt related books I can find.

It took me a few years to get out of my debt situation.

Since then, for 20 years, I have worked at building up resources, both intellectually and financially.

Read countless books.

Attended lots of programs and workshops.

Experimented with different money building avenues.

Most failed, some worked.

Continuously improving myself in all areas.

If I can overcome it, so can you.

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