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Being Happy

Today is 31 Dec 2018.

It’s interesting how today went for me.

It rained in the afternoon.

I was sitting by the window,

working on my direction for 2019.

There was a light dusting of rain onto me.

The getting wet but not-really-wet feel.

A cold wind was blowing.

I noticed I can’t have one without the other.

When I get the wind, I get the rain onto me too.

Similar to life, it’s like how there are struggles in life cos it helps us grow.

To grow more mature, stronger and wiser.

I’ve come to realize

Having awareness is priceless.

Getting clarity is priceless.

Knowing oneself and taking action are priceless

So is the ability to build motivation, build resources,

these are all priceless & precious.

Not enough money in the world to buy it.

Take action now.

Start the journey towards getting clarity, awareness, building resources, being happy.

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