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There are no mistakes

There are no mistakes.

This came as a realization to me and touched me deeply today.

There are no mistakes in life.

We are not a mistake.

Say Affirmation: “I am here on earth not by mistake.

We are here for a purpose.

Say Affirmation: “I have a purpose here on earth.

We are all where we are for a purpose.

Say Affirmation: “I am where I am supposed to be.

All and any incidents we deem to be failures are Learning Experiences.

Going back to when we were a baby…

Remember the level of curiosity we had for the world around us…

Remember our young, persistent, never fail attitude towards everything…

Ever seen a jaded baby? I doubt it.

Imagine what would happen if we gave up when we fell down as a baby…

Not many people would have learned how to walk!

No matter what we situation we are in now, be it financial, mental, emotional...keep going.

There are no accidents in this universe.

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