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What's your Money Story? (Part 1)

(A 4-part series on 20 powerful questions of Money)

Everyone has our own unique story when it comes to money, how we spend money, save money, invest money, even earn money. How some people experience guilt with spending money, how some people have deservability issues when it comes to earning money or receiving money. I wonder what do you believe and what is important to you about money?

When I was young, as a kid, around 7-year-old, I loved fast food and always bugged my mum to go to Macdonalds. Once, she couldn’t stand my persistent whining and brought me there, she just bought one burger for me, nothing for herself. When I was eating, I asked her how come she’s not eating, she was distracted, worried and replied in curt and pek chek (frustrated) tone – ‘you keep asking for it, you eat!’.

I still remember, at that time, I related it to money worries as MacD is a luxury that we do not indulge in often (yes, I was told when young, MacD is expensive. The ‘no money’ phrase being very commonly-used).

Looking back, I guess it was more of the tone that affected me than what was being said. From that moment, I kept quiet and learned never to asked for anything. In that young mind, I learned asking for things is bad and is an inconvenience to others and will make my mum angry. From then on, it seems that my mind decided to shut down completely from asking and wanting things from other people.

Now that I’m older and more mature, I’ve learned that there are no training manuals for parents and that they are humans too (as much as they seem like superheroes when I was a kid), and they are simply doing the best they can with all the information they had.

The incident left a deep-rooted impression in my young mind. Looking back, I guess sub-consciously, I’ve decided to not ask for anything from anyone ever again…on the bright side, I guess that also contributed to my strong and independent character…however, I’ve also learned in recent years, to ask for support when I need it. I am immensely grateful for the support of my friends, mentors, and coaches around me, who are there to help and support me whenever I reach out to them!

Over the course of these 4 days, I aim to provide support to those of you that are looking to explore and understand in depth your own Money Story. I will be asking 5 powerful questions of Money each day.

When answering the questions, remember there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, your answers are your answers and they reflect your underlying values and beliefs. When you drill deep down based on those questions…you’ll get amazing clarity into your relationship with money. And you know, there is power in clarity, you get to know what are the things that really matter and chart your course of action from there. Now, that is precious! ❤️ ❤️

20 powerful questions of Money

1. What does money mean to you?

Notice what comes to your mind when you think about money. How do you feel, are you anxious, do you have a feeling of lack? Or are you at ease with it, confident? Or do you push it to the back of the mind immediately, refusing to look at it? The key thing is to notice what you see, hear, feel. Hint, usually, the first answer or feeling that comes up first, without you thinking too much, is how you really feel.

2. How do you spend money?

This question looks at the way you spend money, do you always use cash? Do you always use credit card or debit card? Do you think about accumulating points and strategize which card to use? Do you download mobile applications for in-store discounts or point accumulations?

3. What are your spending habits?

What do you spend on? Do you have to buy something every time you step out of the house? Do you order delivery service for meals? Do you take cab everywhere you go? Do you spend on yourself or other people? Do you shop online often? Do you value convenience over time? Do you have certain brand preference over another, regardless of price differences?

4. What do you spend most on?

Where does the majority of your money go to, yourself or family or kids or parents? Or do you spend more on other categories such as traveling, food, clothing, bags, facial, nails, personal grooming, annual photo shoot, etc? These are clues to what are the things that are important to you.

5. What do you believe about money?

What do you believe money can do for you? What are the results you want to achieve with money? There are things money can and cannot buy, what do you believe about that?

To be continued...(Part 2 coming up tomorrow!)

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