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What's your Money Story? (Part 4)

(A 4-part series on 20 powerful questions of Money)

Everyone has our own unique story when it comes to money, how we spend money, save money, invest money, even earn money. How some people experience guilt with spending money, how some people have deservability issues when it comes to earning money or receiving money. I wonder what do you believe and what is important to you about money?

One of my clients had a breakthrough in one session just based on these questions alone, it increased her level of awareness in her Money Story. It’s interesting how she said: ‘All those things I just said sounded so correct in my mind but when said out loud, sounded like rubbish!’ I always say, when we talk to ourselves, we’re always right!

Over the course of these 4 days, I aim to provide support to those of you that are looking to explore and understand in depth your own Money Story. I will be asking 5 powerful questions of Money each day.

When answering the questions, remember there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, your answers are your answers and they reflect your underlying values and beliefs. When you drill deep down based on those questions…you’ll get amazing clarity into your relationship with money. And you know, there is power in clarity, you get to know what are the things that really matter and chart your course of action from there. Now, that is precious! ❤️ ❤️

20 powerful questions of Money

16. Do you give yourself permission to have money?

Do you allow yourself to receive money? Is the law of attraction at work in your life? Is the law of abundance at work in your life? Do you have money scarcity mindset?

17 What is holding you back from having money in your life?

How has the money journey been like so far? What are the obstacles previously? What else can you do from now on, that is within your control?

18 What result do you want from money?

What are you looking to achieve? What is your life plan? How does money come into the picture in relation to your life plan? How much do you need? How much time to get it?

19. What do you appreciate about money?

What positive aspects does money bring you? How has it helped you so far? What can you continue to do more of? What else needs to shift or change?

20. What would having money give you?

What does money allow you to have?

I know you have gained much value and insight from these questions. All feedback, comments, conversations, takeaways, sharings are most welcome! ❤️

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