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There have been lots of Kampung stories circulating around me recently. And closely linked to that is the story of bartering, also known as payment in kind.

I used to do that myself. In my previously efficient and logical mind, I would often tell my friends to offset amounts owing to each other, including cash owing or even birthday celebrations.

Yes, that was me.

I once told my close friend, if it's up to me, those born in the same month should offset our birthdays and then dun need to celebrate, she would roll her eyes and keep quiet (probably thinking it’s pointless to argue with my kind of thinking). It was after that, then I realized birthday gatherings are more than that, being a celebration and a chance for friends to catch up.

Recently, I’ve also had an epiphany with regards to bartering for services. There is a difference between offsetting the $500 that 2 person owed to each other. Versus 2 person each transferring $500 to each other’s bank account for payment of services rendered.

One may argue that the bank account balances end up being the same. That I agree. However, the act of transferring of funds is an energy exchange and it does make a difference to our subconscious mind. To our mind, we have made the payment and therefore we are more committed to seeing it through or accomplish the task.

Do it. And notice the Difference.

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